Investment Strategy

We are looking for companies with innovative technologies and solutions driven by exceptional teams.

Construct Venture differs from other investment companies by focusing on an industry rooted in a deep understanding and long experience as two of Norway’s largest and most innovative residential companies.

We take an active role in scaling the companies by not only acting as a customer, but also in supporting development of the product. We strive to bring expertise and involvement to the table, not just capital.

Construct Venture is aimed primarily at companies that are in the early commercialization phase, with a product or service in the final phase of testing as well as a definite customer base. The area is not limited to Nordic companies. Parties in other geographic regions that see potential in collaboration with Norwegian participants will also be considered. The assumption is that the investment can contribute to a better building and construction industry, making the AF and OBOS’ initiative unique.

“Not only will Construct Venture be an attractive investor for start-up businesses in our sector, but as major players in the industry, we also want to contribute our industrial competence in the value chain. This will give young and exciting business concepts aimed at our sector a unique opportunity,” says Group managing Director Daniel Siraj of OBOS.

“Our cooperation with OBOS becomes an important source of funding for business ideas that are necessary to drive the industry forward in a better and more sustainable direction. In AF we have used our curiosity for over 30 years to find good solutions to streamline and refine our work. With today’s technology development, we also believe that many solutions need to come from outside, and Construct Venture will contribute so that solutions like this are realized,” says Group Managing Director Morten Grongstad of AF Gruppen.

The entrepreneurial environment in the team

As part of the innovation work, OBOS and AF Gruppen have also entered a partnership with StartupLab, an entrepreneurial collective consisting of more than 350 entrepreneurs from 80 startup companies. Here, startup companies help each other to succeed while providing larger more established companies with the opportunity to speed up their innovation processes. AF and OBOS represent the building, construction and property sectors in this environment, and the partnership will also give Construct Venture the opportunity to identify relevant investment objects early on.